Fluff–the new digital currency

I’ve been thinking about digital currency lately.

For the life of me I cannot find the allure and value in it. I can’t deposit it in any of my personal financial accounts, I can’t put any in my wallet and I certainly can’t go down to the corner convenience store and top off my fuel tank before leaving on a trip. And if I stop at the many little prairie towns and villages that I frequent and ask them if they take Bitcoin they would think me an alien…from outer space.

Maybe I’m wrong, I have been before (often!) and I am willing to be corrected, but for now, I see no payoff at laying down my hard-earned ole-fashioned greenbacks for digital currency in the hopes that I can quickly become a Bitcoin millionaire.

Even if I do become a Bitcoin millionaire or billionaire for that matter, what have I really become?

As inflation-riddled as it is, my dollars still buy bread and milk, fuel for my car and home and, if I have a little left over, even a bag of M&Ms.

Bitcoin? Not so much.


But here’s what I’ve really been thinking about: I wonder how much vaporous and valueless digital currency you and I try to create hoping it will satisfy a real need in our lives.

You know, those things we invest inordinate amounts of time, effort, and “real” dollars in, which, if we’re truthful, give no real or permanent return on our life (both present and future).

God help us! Maybe it’s time to take an inventory of our lives with a critical and eternity-focused view and start whacking away at a lot of the fluff and start spending our lives on something that really and truly matters and truly satisfies.

Once again, “Mary & Joseph” make their way to the stable to lay Jesus–wrapped in swaddling cloths–in a manger.

What a joy it was for Sonja and me to join our dear friends at Prairie Bible church in Union Center, SD this past Sunday for their Christmas program. Honestly, it moved me deeply. To worship in the same building where generations of devoted ranchers and their families had worshipped as their descendents still do. And to again sing the Christmas carols from my childhood and hear the old familiar and oh so precious Christmas story read again (“And it came to pass in those days that a decree went out…”) while witnessing yet another generation rising to start their faith journey…that, my friend, was honest and honest-to-God currency.

No fluff at Prairie Bible church last Sunday.

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