My first Montana speeding ticket

“I think God’s going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding.” _Steven Wright


I got my first speeding ticket since living and working in the Dakotas and Montana.

The honor goes to Montana. I was traveling down US 191 from Great Falls heading to Big Timber going 83 in a 70 mph speed zone.

I will say the officer was polite and merciful. (God bless him!)

My ticket was a good reminder: While it is very important to know the place you’re going, it is also important to know the pace you need to go to get there.

The pace you’re going is just as important as the place you’re going.

Terms like…

  • Barrelling ahead
  • Getting ahead of yourself
  • Living in the fast lane
  • Playing catchup
  • Holding up traffic
  • A “bottleneck”

…are expressions that illustrate our struggle with the pace of life.

Bottom line, just like that Montana State Trooper, from time to time we all need to be reminder that the pace as well as the place is important if we hope to travel well.


The ONE THING for today: I’m not telling you to speed up or slow down, that’s your call. I do want to remind you to enjoy the journey, help as many others as possible to enjoy their journey, and bring as many with you as you can.

Next time you’re driving through Montana and are looking for a place to eat, I recommend Cc’s Cafe in Glendive. This is a little mom & pop cafe is a regular stop for Sonja and me. It’s just off I-94 (exit 215) and serves up diner-food at its best. I like their french toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and salad bar. Also, Glendive is where the Miss Montana pageant is held each year. They hold a reception for all the candidates at this cafe. In the reception room (to the right when you enter) you can see pictures of all the “Miss Montanas”.

The picture below is in the men’s restroom — the challenges of restaurant owners in Montana! 🙂

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