Why not?

“I’m not reckless but I am adventurous” _Tim Hill, 2016 Post Assembly Leadership Meeting


Take a poll on the goal of life and you will get a lot of opinions.

But I believe I can confidently predict that for the vast majority of people, the goal of life is not to live a boring, sterilely safe life that offers no adventures, challenges, or progress.

Interview people on who their heroes are and the list will be long.

But I’m guessing there will be few on the list because they inspired someone to do nothing and be nothing of importance and significance.

So why is that we work so hard to live a pain-free and problem-free life? That sounds more like a graveyard.

The ONE THING for today:

There is no promise of tomorrow.  Yesterday is forever gone.  Today is the only certainty you have. Don’t blow it!  Get out there and do something that puts a smile on your face, fire in your blood, and truly and really makes the world a little better.    

Photo taken by Brad Devereaux

This is a photograph of Sonja and me walking on a trail at the Lake Metigoshe State Park, located in northern North Dakota near the Canadian border and one of the most beautiful places in all of North Dakota.

Over forty-three years ago when Sonja and I headed out on our journey of life together in a 1972 Pinto with a hundred dollars to our name we would have never dreamed that we’d one day be living in North Dakota and walking it’s beautiful trails. How did we get here? Truth be known, we have been both reckless and adventurous. And looking back? No regrets.

Looking forward? As this Autumn season of our lives together spreads it’s sea of color and change over our paths together we hope to keep finding new trails and new adventures.

Why not?

One thought on “Why not?

  1. ABSOLUTELY! Love how God shares in our adventures and is the Team Leader as it is He who brings them to us if we are open!

    Claudia – adventure partaken

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