Great Quotes, Volume 2


A word is a frozen concept/idea.  String together words into a sentence and they become living concepts that can change your life.  That is why you should always be on the lookout for life-changing concepts that instruct and inspire you.

Mission: My mission is to inspire you to become an avid collector of quotes.  This will improve your listening skills and will shape and transform your life and ministry, for you are always just one idea away from the next level.


  • “I just found this booger in my nose…I will put it in my ear to keep it safe.” David Lee’s quote of the day (age 4)
  • “Habits are easier to keep than commitments.” _Seth Godin
  • “Perhaps you are frustrated by the gap that still remains between your vision and your accomplishments.  Or you may be depressed by the pages of your life that are blotched with compromises, failures, betrayals, and sin.  You have had your say.   Others may have had their say.  But make no judgments and draw no conclusions until the scaffolding of history is ripped away and you see what it means for God to have had his say – and made you what you are called to be.” _Os Guinness, The Call, pg. 246
  • “Have I said, ‘Woe is me.’?  That practiced ‘gaze of the soul’ will stop me from saying ‘Wow is me!’” _Jill Briscoe

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