Going Forward…

One of the sad realities of life is that the opportunity of a life time does not last a lifetime. Like driving through a small town, you can blink and miss some opportunities forever.

Not only that, opportunities can be taken from you.

Abusive and manipulative people can rob you of your innocence and youth.

Hard charging, aggressive, and unscrupulous co-workers and colleagues/bosses can trample on your dreams and aspirations as they step on you and over you in their efforts to be “king of the hill.”

And most painful of all are the mistakes and poor decisions we make ourselves.

It’s one thing for someone else to take aim at us for their own advantage, but its an entirely different thing to shoot our own selves in the foot! Talk about adding insult to injury.

However, all is not lost. I want to introduce you to two powerful words that can salvage the day and get you back on your feet and heading in a new and better direction. Those two words are…

“Going forward…”

  • I failed miserably, but going forward…
  • I can’t go back or do it over, but going forward…
  • I lost that opportunity, season of life, or chance, but going forward…

Use those two words,

Use them often,

Use them to propel yourself towards a better tomorrow.

The ONE THING for today: There will be times that people take away your choices and options, there will be times you do the damage yourself, but you always have the choice to say, “Going forward things will be different…and better.” As long as you have the courage to say that, you have a chance.

I mentioned driving through a small town. Sonja and I drive through many small towns in our travels. This is one of our favorites – Richardton, ND, population 851 (2019) and home to a little “mom & pop” drug store with a lot interesting “stuff” for sale and also the home of the beautiful Assumption Abbey, a Benedictine abbey.

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