Bring it up

The picture below was taken by one of my pastors in Lemmon, S.D. It is a prairie fire that burned miles of prairie in just a few moments. Left unchecked it would have done untold damage, but thanks to the heroic efforts of the local fire fighters and citizens of the surrounding area, the fire was put out.

Picture taken by Pastor Rand Bentley, Lemmon, South Dakota.


If you do not bring it up there are somethings that will never be resolved.

If you do not go after them some relationships will never be salvaged.

If you do not make the first move the fire will continue to burn until there is nothing left.

Winning an argument is seldom really a win.

Being right seldom makes things right.

Getting your way is seldom ever the path towards where you really want to go.

Serving up the silent treatment is seldom the treatment that cures.

The ONE THING for today: Winning an argument, being right, getting your way, serving up the silent treatment is a high price to pay for a scarred and destroyed relationship. Maybe it’s time to shallow your pride and take the first step towards real reconciliation.

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