Background noise

From the amount of information and misinformation that is being produced moment by moment, you’d think people believe that what they say matters.

But before you grab that mic and begin shouting…

“Something ought to be done!”

Remember that that’s just more information and we had more information than we needed yesterday.

Or before you urgently insist that…

Someone should do something about that!”

Let me remind you that, you…me, and the rest of the of world is pretty much done with people giving us one more cause, problem, and challenge to take up and run with.

Our plates are full, our brains are scrambled, and we’re tired already!

Best be quiet until you can say…

“This must be done, and I shall be the one to lead the way.”

Until you are willing to say that, anything you say is just mostly more background noise.

The ONE THING for today: Information is not change. It is not enough to be informed and to inform others, there must come a time that you do something.

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

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