That’s above your pay grade

If you really and truly can’t do it, then quit talking about it and stressing about it and do something else even better and more productive.

(Wise advice I was once given.)

The truth is, virtually everything is above your pay grade and mine.

People are making decisions and taking actions that we are going to simply have to live with. All the complaining in the world will not change a thing. But grabbing ahold of the few things that are within our reach, our authority, and our ability and handling them well will make a positive difference.

Instead of viewing life with a telescope mentality and stressing about things happening over there somewhere, pickup a microscope mentality and dial in to what is going on around you. I bet there is at least one positive and productive contribution that you can make right where you are.

And oddly enough, that is the best way to change the world…even way over there.

The ONE THING for today: Don’t talk about if you are not willing to do something constructive about it.

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