What can I do?

Jeremiah 5:1

Roam through the streets of Jerusalem.
Look and take note;
search in her squares.
If you find one person,
any who acts justly,
who seeks to be faithful,
then I will forgive her.

The temptation is to think in terms of big numbers.

Millions of votes are needed to win the election.

Billions of dollar are needed to solve the problem.

Thousands of customers are needed to produce a profit.

Even our pastors often think in terms of big numbers.

Big numbers are not inheritably bad, but never underestimate the potent power of one.

You are one…

One person who can’t do everything, but you can do one thing.

And that one thing is a part of the many things that are needed to make our world a better place.

Picture the sculptor pecking away at a block of marble…


One peck on the chisel and then two…nothing changes.

Another peck and another…23 pecks, 57, 85…still no change!

97, 98, 99…still no change…and then…

100 pecks and a piece of marble falls away and the masterpiece becomes a little more recognizable.

Where the first 99 blows of the hammer worthless and a waste?

Of course not, the 100th obviously effective blow of the hammer would have been impossible without the previous 99.

In the same way, you are a part of the whole, a part of a bigger drama being played out on this planet. You may not be there when the 100th blow is made. You may never see the finished product of all your efforts and even your life. But never doubt that your efforts matter and that you are making a difference.

The ONE THING for today: There is something you can do today that will make the world a better place. To not do it is to postpone hope, relief, and progress somewhere someday. Keep chipping away at goodness, we all are counting on you.

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