NCR Pastor’s Briefing for August 15, 2020


On my heart this week has been balancing being reckless vs. being fearless.

In the new norm we are currently in, I am afraid that many are living to not die, instead of living to live fully and then die.

As leaders, we can fall for the same trap.  “Playing defense” is a part of any winning game plan, but to play defensively is a recipe for losing.

Bottom line, without being needlessly reckless, this must be the church’s finest hour.  Jesus’ metaphor was a confident and militant church attacking the gates of hell, not a timid, non-essential church huddled in the corner waiting the culture’s permission to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 16:18). 

How this will look will be different for each pastor and congregation.  But one thing is certain, we have the living omnipotent presence of the Holy Spirit abiding within us and among us; we do not have to live and lead fearfully. 

I am praying for you—that God will give you great courage, wisdom, and favor.  I believe in you and am thankful for the privilege of being on the great NCR Team. 

Warmest regards and prayers for your success,

David L. Kemp

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