I Promise…

Your promises define you.

People remember the promises you make.

When you say you will call someone back, they consider that a promise.

When you tell someone you will do something, that’s a promise.

When you volunteer you are promising to shoulder a part of the load.  Not showing up or backing out, is breaking a promise.

Your battling average at keeping your promises determines your value to those around you.

Of course, you don’t have to swing at every pitch; be careful about the promises you make.

But on the other hand, to never swing (not make promises), is a guarantee that you will lose. 

Wisdom is making the right promises to the right people at the right time.  That’s how you win in life.

The ONE THING for today: The question is not, “Can I?”  The question is, “Did you say you would?”

Photo by Daiji Umemoto on Unsplash

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