Most things never happen

Think of the endless possibilities that could have happened when God began to create the universe.

With a mind like God’s, just the possibilities associated with the word “Let” are mind boggling.

And then adding the words “Let there be…” ramps up the possibilities beyond our imagination.

But virtually none of those possibilities happened. 

They couldn’t have.

God had to narrow it down to the finite, beautiful and amazing universe that you and I live in.

There’s a lesson there for you and me.

Most things never happen.

Just because you dreamed it, desired it, hoped for it, wished for it and imagined it doesn’t mean it will happen.  (Ever ordered something off a menu because of the picture on the menu?  Then you know I’m telling the truth.)

The ONE THING for today:

Most things never happen.  It takes hard work, saying no to a lot of other things and a whole lot of hard work and sustained commitment.  So…  

…ever how you define it, don’t ever think success is going to be easy. The question is, will this be your excuse or your motivation?

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