Letting go when it may be a bottomless pit

Photo by raffaele brivio on Unsplash

It is highly instructive to remember that when Abraham was asked to relinquish Ishmael as his only heir and only hope for his linage to continue, that there was not a hint of Isaac in the picture (Genesis 17:18).

And so it will be when you cast caution to the wind and dare to relinquish position and safety to launch out into the unknown.

And so it will when you trade comfort and the familiar for the uncertain hope of something better.

And so it will when you dare to sacrifice and exert yourself for what others call a “pipe dream.”

The ONE THING for today: If you insist on clarity and certainty before you’re willing to take a risk, better to just settle in and determine to be happy with what you’ve got. But…if you’re willing to step into the unknown and go for it…it really gets interesting.

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