Church for free

Would you go to another church if they had a better preacher and worship leader?  If their services and programs were better and more professionally operated? 

A lot of people will today. 

Don’t you be one of them. 

Church is about being a part of a family. 

You don’t love your grandparents because they know how to use the latest technology.

You don’t claim your parents because they give you a lot of money (and don’t ask you for your money).

You don’t include your little sister because she’s finally potty trained.

You’re committed to them because they are family—no matter what.

And the same is true for church. 

Being committed to your church doesn’t mean you condone sloppiness and disfunction or absolve your leaders and fellow members from being and giving their best, and it doesn’t prevent you from celebrating and supporting your extended family at other churches. But in the end, through thick and thin, family sticks together because…well, they’re family.

The ONE THING for today: Being able to say “my church” with authenticity requires loyalty and commitment…and a lot of hard work and sacrifice.  It’s a lot easier to go to church for free, but it means you are always just a guest. 


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