Don’t let the math determine your future.

You must not allow your present resources and abilities to determine your future.

Your hopes and dreams and plans can be (and must be) larger than who you currently are and what you currently have.

If you can add up all your abilities and resources and they are enough to make your dreams come true, then you don’t really have a dream, you’re just hoping to survive. You’re like a hoarder hunkered down hoping you’ve got enough to make it until retirement and the end.

You’re better than that!

So what to do?

  • Dare to make your dreams bigger with each passing year.
  • Plan on regularly leaving your comfort zone.
  • Take it as a given that you will be “in over your head” most of the time.
  • And then, using your current abilities and resources, invest in your amazing future by growing and improving yourself.

The ONE THING for today: You are more than your current abilities, and resources, but you’ve got to leverage them wisely in order to keep growing.

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