Playing good defense

Is the current state of your life acceptable?

This is a question we must honestly answer from time to time.

Great coaches almost universally agree; a great defense makes winning possible.

The question: “Is the current state of my life acceptable?” is a defense question. You’re not saying your life couldn’t be better or should’t be better, you’re simply pausing on the journey and taking inventory of how things are going thus far.


How goes it?

One year, five years, tens years in, are you happy with how things are going?

Specifically, are you satisfied with how things are right now?

If not, you’re going to have to go on the offense.

You’re going to have to do something and it will have to be more than complaining, beating yourself up for your dumb mistakes, and bemoaning other people’s dumb mistakes and irresponsibilities.

You’re going to have to take positive and definite actions toward changing your current unacceptable circumstances and forging out a better future for yourself.

The ONE THING for today: It’s been said that getting started is half the battle. Whoever said it was wrong. Getting started is the beginning of the battle and it is probably going to be a long hard slog. But then again, you were the one who said the current state of your life was unacceptable.


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