Breakable, but not Perishable.

The ONE THING for today: Just because something is breakable does not mean it is perishable.  


For example, you can strike a glass and it will break into dozens of pieces.  However, if you simply refrain from striking it, that same glass can endure for thousands of years.

People are fragile—even the best of us.  Friendships and relationships are fragile—even the closest of them.  However, if handled correctly, they can endure for a lifetime.

Remember, simply refraining from striking the shattering blow is often all that is required.

When going through difficult times with people you love and care for, sometimes the wisest thing to do is to bite your lip and be silent and reflect on what life would be without them.  When the storm passes (and it will) and the source of conflict can be seen more clearly and calmly in the light of day, you will be ever so glad that you refrained from striking the shattering blow.

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