You’re not a “has-been”!

The moment you say, “I am” you are in great danger of moving into the category of “I was…”   

It is so easy to become wedded to obsolesce.  

The familiar and comfortable and the tried and true may have worked yesterday and may even be working today, but there will come a time they will not work.    

Life is moving on and you must not allow yourself to be left behind.  God has you here for a purpose and it has to do with the future—prepare yourself.

Don’t become wedded to a title, position, an address, a technology, or comfortable way of doing things.

Read, travel, add new friends (probably drop some current friends), experience new things, take risks, ask questions, dare to dream, believe for better things…do not settle for who and what you are now…there is more, you are more.

The ONE THING for today: Being able to say, “I am…” can be a good thing for now, but do not let it stop you from saying, “I am becoming…”

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