What do you see?

A question I ask frequently is, “What do you see?” 

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what I see for someone; until they see it for themselves I can cajoled them, encourage them, and try to challenge them, but what I see for them ain’t going to happen. 

The good news is our vision can improve.

Vision is a choice. 

You can choose to look at things differently and you can choose to look at different things.

If you want to improve your life begin looking at different things and listening to different voices.  Grow, read, travel, reach out, get creative, try something different, and try to understand others who are different. All this helps you to see better. 

Force yourself to look at your current situation differently. You’re not the first person who has gone through what you’re going through.  Others have had it worse and ended well and you can too.

Others have made a huge difference starting with far less.  The difference is they saw something more for themselves and you can too.   

The ONE THING for today: When you change what you see you change where you’re going and when you change where you’re going you change where you are going to end up.

“A cat may look at a king but a cat cannot see a king.”

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