Less than perfect

The best possible outcome and the perfect outcome are not the same.

100% is really nice, but most of the time we have to settle with something between 0-99% and that’s okay.

String enough “doing the best I can with what I have to work with” together will take you far further down the road than the guy fiddling around trying to tweak something into a state of perfection. 

Perfection is nice, but by the time you get it perfect, most people don’t care—they’ve moved on.

The ONE THING for today: Living your life in real time seldom affords you the luxury of perfection.  Don’t be sloppy or subpar—give it your best.  But your best, considering the circumstances, will probably not be perfection.  That’s okay, get up and get going!  There’s a lot for you to learn and experience and give.

Oh, and give the other guys and gals around you the same luxury! Lowered expectations is a recipe for a much happier life.

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