Success is a compromise

If I had to develop a short list for what is required to succeed one of the things I’d add to the list would be to be quick to compromise on almost everything.

Of course, I am not suggesting you compromise your core convictions and values.

However, I encourage you to be slow to draw lines of division and be slow to plant your standard on hills to die on. Instead, use your moral compass to find a way to work with people for the greater good and a common cause.

Just because you suspect some of the people in your life right now may not spend eternity in heaven with you, doesn’t mean you can’t work with them on earth. And who knows, maybe the path to heaven (for both of you) includes both of you finding a way to work together now. So…

A good moral compass can help you find a way to work with people.

If at all possible, err on the side of grace.  Be the first to reach out and make a connection.  Keep “you” out of it.  Being right, being first, or being the chief, is not the issue.  Your way of doing things, your comfort level, and your preference is not the issue either. Being a success is the issue, and that usually involves helping a lot of other people succeed as well—many who will probably not see eye-to-eye with you on everything, and that has to be okay.

We are all on a journey and just because someone has not arrived to your place of convictions and values doesn’t mean you can’t value them and work with them.  There’s enough battle zones out there, make every effort to be a peacemaker—that is where true success can be cultivated and also where you are most likely to find God (Matthew 5:9).

The ONE THING for today: Success requires the humility to compromise on the negotiables and the wisdom to know what they are.

Most of the time, any color will work.

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