People who talk to themselves

“Self talk” (carrying on a running dialogue with yourself) is vital to success and emotional health.

Our world is awash with negativity and the reality is a lot of it is true! So if you are not intentional, you can easily drown in it.

However, just because something is true doesn’t mean that it is the entire truth.

For example, you may not be qualified at a particular moment to achieve something, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become qualified with some discipline and growth. And it doesn’t mean you are not qualified to do other equally important and fulfilling things.

But most likely, no one will tell you that, so you have to tell yourself. Talking yourself off the ledge of despair and negativity is your responsibility. So, talk less to others and talk more to yourself.

The ONE THING for today: Outside of prayer (a conversation with God), the most important conversation you will have each day is the conversation you have with yourself.

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