Playing Hurt

Some people think there is some special merit in “playing hurt”.

That is not the goal!

Whether the pain you are experiencing is coming from your body, others, circumstances, even God, that pain is crying out to you to change.

When you ignore the pain and play hurt you’re living on credit. You may be able to function okay for awhile, but one day you will have to pay for it. Better to change now.

Oh, one other thing…

Living a pain-free life is not the goal.

Making a change to just to relieve the pain is seldom the wise thing to do. People make a lot of very foolish decision trying to medicate their pain.

The ONE THING for today: Remember, when listening to the change-agent called “Pain”, the goal is to make the necessary changes that will get you back in alignment for the most optimal performance. In other words, when you feel pain think making-progress not finding-relieve.

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