Your Number-One Problem

Whether it is at home or work, this one practice will revolutionize your life and set you on a path for success:

Identify the number one problem that – if resolved – would contribute to the greatest improvement and growth and then work on resolving it every day

Like a mobile phone, keep that problem in your pocket with you at all times.  Pray about it, reflect on it, work on it, think about it, study about it, ask others about it, obsess over it and stay focused on it until it’s taken care of. 

When resolution comes it will be like Popeye eating spinach – you will get a burst of momentum that will propel you to the next level of success.  

And like applying shampoo…once your number one problem is resolved, rinse (celebrate), and apply this principle again.

The ONE THING for today: Always know what the number one thing is that is keeping you from succeeding and work on resolving it every day. 

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