Just one funeral away from things getting better

There is an old saying in the church world that goes like this: “Our church is just one funeral away from growing.” 

Sometimes there is some truth to this.  Whether it is a church, corporation, or your clan—there is almost always some “stuck-in-the-mud” person who refuses to change and buy-in to plans for growth and improvement.

However, sitting around waiting on funerals is a poor use of your time

Resist the strategy that says: If I could just get rid of that person things would get better. 

Instead, find a way to make things better in spite of them.  Think progress, not death.  The answer is not getting rid of people, the answer is finding a way to get things done in spite of them.

And one other thing, often what needs to die is our ego and pride which says that we have the best (or only) answers and our way is the right way.  There is something to learn from all criticism and that “thorn in your side” person may be there for a reason.  At least try to understand them—they may have something to teach you.

  • The ONE THING for today: Your next problem will probably be in the crowd at the funeral of your current problem.  Your answer for progress and growth is not a funeral, it is creativity, humility, a tough skin, and out-working your opposition. 

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