Resolve to do something…

Don’t let anyone talk you out of keeping your New Year’s resolutions!  For nothing improves without there first being a resolution to change something.

It has become a part of the common folklore to chuckle and say, “New Year’s Resolutions are those things we commit to do starting January 1 and then break that commitment two weeks later.

Why would we celebrate that!?

Let other others be low-commitment quitters.  You be different.

The goal is not perfection.  The goal is not a complete redo.  The goal is to figure out one thing that you could start doing or stop doing now that would make the biggest positive difference and resolve to do it no matter what.

Stop what you are doing and do this now and don’t quit.

  •  The ONE THING for today: Resolve to do something that will improve your life and stick with it.


“this one thing I do…”

(the Apostle Paul writing to the Philippians)

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