The trip you will take today…

With the responsibility of serving a region that has over 295,000 square miles, I have become a bit of an expert on taking trips.

While driving those long miles I have had a lot of time to think about this subject and I’ve come up with a few thoughts that that I have found helpful.  See what you think…

First, there is a difference between taking a trip and going on a journey.

Second, trips are so much better if you see them as a part of a journey.


Let me explain…

Don’t confuse “taking a trip” with “going on a journey”.

Trips involved going from Point A to Point B; journeys involve the process of purpose.

For example, if you have a job, you get up each day and leave Point A (your home) and drive to Point B (where you work).  And then at the end of the work day you reverse the trip and head back to Point A (your home).  Once you get back home the round trip is over.

However, a journey is about why you took the trip.

Say, for example, you started a journey with your sweetheart by getting married.  Early on, you discovered that you can’t just live on love and so the specter of you and your newly-wed having empty stomachs and living under a bridge motived you to take a trip…to a job interview.

Now once the job interview is over, the trip is over, but the journey you and your new spouse began goes on.


Here’s the point, beginning the moment God began lovingly knitting you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13) He did so for an eternal purpose.  The process of achieving that purpose is your “journey”.

  • The ONE THING for today: Whatever you do, don’t allow all the little trips of life to cause you to forget the journey you are on.


Here’s a few “journey vs. trip” bullet points to think about:

  • Your journey began with a trip–your mother’s trip to the delivery room.
  • Trips end, “the journey of your life” goes on for eternity.
  • All trips are a part of the journey and influence the trajectory of your journey.
    • For example, a trip to a bar vs. a trip to a church or a trip to the dessert table vs. a trip to the gym set an entirely different trajectory for the journey of your life.
  • At the end of a trip, you can drop your fellow passengers off and move on; those who share your journey are with you for life.  Therefore, treasure them and do your best to make it a good journey together.
  • Trips are necessary; your journey is essential.
  • The people you take with you on both your trips and your journey will greatly influence the outcome.  Therefore, choose your traveling companions wisely.


Godspeed on your travels!

3 thoughts on “The trip you will take today…

  1. Brother Kemp –

    Just wanted to say hello.

    My wife and I have moved to NC to be closer to family.

    I think of you often and keep you on my prayer list.

    On my journey, you were an “impactor” on my life.

    I still remember words of wisdom you gave during my “trips” on MIP.

    Some were and are still profound.

    Thank you much – blessing to you as you travel. There is fruit to your labor.

    Hope you have bought your wife a thick new winter coat.

    God Bless. You will never know.

    Pete Roquemore

    Cell: 704-458-5482

    “The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team. “ Lewis B. Ergen

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  2. Pastor Kemp, Brenda Matheny, Curt Matheny’s daughter here. Curt, my dad, passed away yesterday. I thought you and Sondra would like to know. We are in a world of grief but we know my beloved dad is in heaven. God is good and we are blessed… Brenda


    1. Hey Brenda, I am just now getting you commitment. Sonja and I were so sad to learn of your father’s death. I think of your parents often since moving to the Dakotas. I often see their footprints.

      I send my heartfelt condolences. Like you, I have been blessed with a good and godly dad who served many years in the ministry. I rue the day when I am tasked with the responsibility you have recently had to go through. I can only imagine how tough it has been-especially during this Christmas season.

      May the peace and strength of God sustain you.


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