It’s the Giving that Gets You

It is an honor to have Bishop Thomas S. Gillum in the Region this week.  He is our official representative from the World Mission’s Department of the Church of God, and, of course, a choice friend of both the North Central Region and Sonja and me.

However, my purpose in bringing Bishop Gillum to the NCR has nothing to do with friendship (as precious as that friendship is), it has to do with two things:

First, hands down, I am a “missions guy”.   Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to tell you about it sometime, but the moment I stopped “being a mission” and started on a mission of investing in World Missions the trajectory of my life and ministry changed. Which leads to the second reason I believe so much in giving to World Missions…

Giving to World Missions changes people and changes churches for the better.  The worst of us are better when we give–especially to people who cannot give to us and projects that will not benefit us.   And for those who are already eager to make a difference, teaching them to give to World Missions is like pouring gasoline on a fire!  As they begin to see the benefits of giving generously and without strings attached it develops a culture of generosity and service that spills over into everything else you do.

So anyway, giving to Missions is huge.  We’ll discuss this more throughout this week.

But for now, I ask you to join with Bishop Gillum and myself in prayer as we journey across this great region to conduct World Missions rallies.

  • Tonight, Monday 5, we will be in Aberdeen, SD at the Family Worship Center with Pastor Aaron Malsbury.
  • Tuesday, Monday 6, we will be in Lemmon, SD at New Hope Worship Center with Pastor Ed Cloninger.
  • Wednesday, Monday 7, we will be in Beulah, ND at the Prairie View Church of God with Pastor Daniel Sansot.

Also, I encourage you to join us if as you can.

I’ll keep you posted on our travels…blessings!



2 thoughts on “It’s the Giving that Gets You

  1. Glad to hear that Jonathan Rehmat is with you this week. Great man. Great work! Praying for an anointed and visionary response during your Missions emphasis! God bless Edgar

    On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 14:56:29 +0000


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