How to W.I.N.


Here’s a template for winning (W.I.N. — What’s Important Now)

  1. If it is important today but will not be important tomorrow – do it now!  (The opportunity of a lifetime does not last a lifetime)
  2. If the deadline is today – deadlines matter to someone.  Faithfully coming through for people builds trust and credibility and sets you up to succeed.
  3. If it is an energy and morale drainer – deal with it now.  Life is challenging enough without you carrying unnecessary burdens.  (Confront, forgive, let it go, little nagging details that you hate to do, etc.)
  4. If you gave your word – broken promises erode your relationships with people and undermines your future potential.  Trust me, people remember the promises you make and expect you to keep them.
  5. If your action will free others to make progress do it now.  Don’t keep people waiting when it is in your ability…

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