Too much noise!

images_iStock_000005454298XSmallWhat is the news in your life and what is the noise?

That is a question that must be kept at the forefront of your mind every day and every moment.

News is not what captures your attention or interests you, news is what matters.

Everyday there is someone (many someones!) vying for your attention. They will play dirty if they have too. But remember, they are vying for your time and attention (and pocketbook), not because they care about you but because they care about their interests, their ratings, their agenda, and their pocketbook.

So the question you must constantly and consistently ask yourself is: Is this truly important?

Will stopping what I am doing to listen/read this advance my mission for today?

Will this matter tomorrow? Next year? At the end of my life?

Does this add value to the things I value?

Is this something I can do something about?

Will this advance God’s purpose in my life?

  • The ONE THING for today: Almost everything is noise.


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