Is God a Moral Monster?

This is a book that I gladly recommend.

If you’ve ever stumped your toe while trying to fulfill a commitment to, at least once in your life, read the Bible through with some of those strange (very strange) stories and teachings in the Old Testament, well here’s some steel-toed shoes to help you work through them without too much pain.51eSgKutocL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Copan is readable, balanced, sensitive to 21st Century thinking without compromising the world that the ancients lived in.

Whether you are an honest skeptic or a faithful believer in the Bible record, Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God would be an excellent travel guide (along with those steel-toed shoes) to help you navigate through the complexities of a must-read: The Bible.

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