Sonja and My “Wilderness Decade”

This blog was posted a year ago tomorrow. I have learned through the years that most often we need to be reminded of what we already know far more than we need to be taught something new. I’m guessing that some of us may need to be reminded of the lesson given in this blog.


Sonja and I were talking recently about our “wilderness decade”.

During one ten year period Sonja lost her dad through a long, slow descent into the abyss of Alzheimer’s, I lost my only sibling—my sister, Beth, to cancer, and, for all practical purposes, we lost our daughter for most of those years during her prodigal wanderings.

As we looked back over those difficult years we both agreed that we still do not understand why God allowed it all to happen, but we did agree that that decade is what truly qualified us to minister to others.

Those years taught us submission and patience, and how to truly live by faith.

And in ministering to other, those years taught us much needed humility.  Any sense of superiority that said, “If they just had more faith,” or “If they were just closer to God,” were stripped away.   Instead, we became fellow survivors who…

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