In Search of Fossils.

Worth reading, if just to appreciate someone who knows how to write well. Of course, the truth of what Brewer writes might ambush you also.

Ed Brewer

There are times when I look up from what I’m doing and wonder how I ended up in this alternate reality.  Admittedly, some of that disorientation comes from the fact that I’m about to enter the upper middle of middle age, and taking inventory is becoming reflexive almost to the point of obsessive.  When a man sees the finish line beginning to crest the distant horizon (no matter how far distant that horizon may be), the cadence of his race is inevitably effected, and so it is with me.  Well, the thing is, the landmarks we as a culture once depended on to mark the trail for those who will follow after us have been torn down for firewood by a generation that has difficulty seeing past it’s latest inconvenience.  Historically speaking, there’s nothing new about the spirit of immediacy that accompanies a perceived lack in the heart of…

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