When All You Serve is Chicken wings

I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings.  _Mindy Kaling

Recently Sonja and I tried out a restaurant that specialized in chicken wings. They were upfront about this with their name and their menu. If you eat there you can order wings or you can order wings—that was pretty much it.

Since this was the first time we’d ever eaten at this particular establishment Sonja made the observation, “When all you serve is wings, they’d better be good.” How true!k42346099

The owner of this restaurant had driven down a stake, he or she had decided that they were not going to be known as the restaurant that did several things decently; no, they had decided that they were going to do one thing well. Sink or swim; profit or loss; it was going to be wings.

The owner was announcing that if you don’t like chicken wings, don’t go there. If you’re hoping for a great burger or steak, or even chicken strips—don’t go there. They just do one thing—wings.

The same is true if you call yourself a Christian. You only have one thing going for you— Jesus Christ.

By all means, align yourself with a church, denomination, or association and faithfully attend and support it.

Be clear on what you believe. Doctrinal statements, creeds, and councils can be helpful.

I can even bless your personal convictions and commitments if they help you and you can keep them from becoming legalistic hangman’s nooses that you use to choke the joy out of living the Christian life.

But if you think any of this is going to impress the world and help make Christianity desirable, you’ve missed it by a million miles. All you’ve got going for you is Jesus Christ. He’s the door, the key to the door, and who they’re really looking for when they answer the door.

  • The ONE THING for today: Make your life about knowing, loving, and obeying Jesus Christ. Do all you do for his glory and honor and everything else will take care of itself.


1 Corinthians 2:2 (NIV)
For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.


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