Questions that deserve answers

Looking back, I can’t remember any defining moment when I decided to stop trying to be “Mr. Answer man” and decided to start asking more questions than give answers, but one thing I know, it has radically changed my life.

In almost 40 years of ministry I have given thousands of sermons, lessons, talks, and presentations. I have spent thousands of hours counseling people and giving them advice. And hopefully, I have made a difference.

However, I have come to understand that one of the most powerful tools for helping myself and helping people come to the truth is by asking wise questions. For example, I challenge you to read through the Gospels and note how often Jesus answered people’s questions with a question.

Giving advice—even good and wise advice is easy. You have your say and then move on. But it is also easy for the one receiving the advice to move on as well. But a good and riveting question…it stays with you; it will keep you up at night, it will make you think, it will eat away at you until you become hungry for not only knowledge but change.

So anyway, I’ve been on a quest to collect life’s greatest questions. So far I have collected 58 questions; I’d like to get a hundred. Maybe you can help me and maybe I can help you. Over the next couple months, I want us to work through my questions and you help me decide if they deserve to be included on “The World’s 100 Greatest Questions” list.

In the meantime, why don’t you try asking more questions and give less answers? (See-I’m asking a question 😉.)

Instead of being so quick to vomit your opinion on everyone, or give a quick word of advice so you can get back to what you were doing…pause and really listen; listen in order to ask questions; listen deeply so that you can ask even better questions so that you can force people to think, reflect, and grow for themselves.

Who knows, maybe we’ll all learn something.  And I’m pretty sure we’ll all appreciation the reduction in the noise pollution!


“Where are you?” _God, Genesis 3:9



4 thoughts on “Questions that deserve answers

  1. It’s so funny that you posted this today. I read a question yesterday that stumped me. I almost text you about it yesterday morning! Not that it’s a question you can answer for me, but because I think of you as a “questioner”, and I wanted the teacher’s help. Haha. Instead, I decided to really think about it and pray over it. I think I’ve got my answers.

    Here was my 2-part question: What am I willing to die for? (Not so hard) If it came down to it, what in life would you not be able to stop doing, no matter what the consequences were? (That’s the one that got me). These came from John Maxwell’s book The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.

    Anyway, love that you posted this right after I was going to question you about my question. Ha! I’m looking forward to your challenge!

    Love to the Kemps!


    1. Hey Jamie!

      As you can tell, I’m a little slow in checking up on my blog mail! However, eventually, I do manage 🙂

      I like your/Maxwell’s questions. Pretty serious stuff!

      And you’re right, the second question is the toughest. I think of Paul’s reflection on how he would have been willing to be accursed if it have would assure that his countrymen would be saved (Romans 9:1-3).

      Here’s a little humor on questions: “I fully realize that I have not succeeded in answering all your questions. Indeed, I feel I have not answered any of them completely. The answers I have found only serve to raise a whole new set of questions, which only lead to more questions, some of which we weren’t ever aware were problems. To sum it all up: In some ways I feel we are as confused as ever, but I do believe we are confused on a higher level, and about more important things.” _Steve Brown, Follow the Wind, p. 110


      Love always to Team Lopez!



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