It is reported that then the great missionary to Africa, David Livingstone volunteered as a missionary with the London Missionary Society, they asked him where he wanted to go.  He replied, “Anywhere, as long as it is forward.” 

I love that story.  It inspires me because of its lack of clarity.   

Oh, I know, clarity matters.  I’ve heard and used many of the principles about vision and planning and such; but there’s something to be said for just starting.   

ofifical LogoSonja and I started our life and ministry together with 100.00, a used car, a few pieces of donated furniture, and a desire to make a difference for God.  We didn’t have a good plan…shoot, we didn’t even have a plan!  But we started.  And I’m still living by that strategy to this day. 

If you’re going to wait till you have it all figured out or have the money or the full approval of everybody or the certainly that you will succeed you’ll not get much done with your life.  I encourage you just head out; move forward; take action; do something positive; make a difference; add value; give hope; share what you’ve got…and little by little you’ll find that you’ve cobbled together a life that has made a difference. 

After all, God’s already got a vision and He’s already got a plan and I doubt you’ll be the first in history to improve on it.  But I am certain that God is looking for are people who will trust Him enough to take one step of faith at a time.   Why not be that person today?

  • The ONE THING for today: Start something!


“Why do we sit here until we die?” (2 Kings 7:3)


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