Old Bridges and Old Friends

Bridges don’t matter…until you need them…and who knows when you will need them?

The winding paths of life are never straight and one never knows when or if they must pass this way again.

Truly, what goes around has a tendency to come around and oh the trouble if the bridge is out. p74

The same can be said for relationships.  It is amazing how God brings people into our lives.  We are always just one relationship away from the next level and a chance meeting could be a destiny set-up by God if we care enough to cultivate a relationship.

It is also amazing how often life brings us back to the old paths and reintroduces us to old friends.

So bottom line, while it is important to not burn bridges it is also important to maintain and cherish relationships. For you never know if you must pass this way again and the helping hand of an old friend may be what makes the difference.

2 thoughts on “Old Bridges and Old Friends

  1. Love it!!! We are now back home from LV/CA. Time spent with old and new friends. 🙂 Claudia

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