When Sonja and I almost became Church Planters

“Optimism means expecting the best, but confidence means knowing how to handle the worst.  Never make a move if you are merely optimistic.” _The Zurich Axioms

Over the years, Sonja and I have faced some “crossroads moments” in our ministry.  By crossroad I mean that the direction of our lives and ministry was in doubt and could go in a number of different directions—many of them not very well. 

What would bring these crossroad events would usually be a tough decision that we would have to make.  If our decision worked out the way we hoped, life as we knew it would continue and would continue to improve.  However, if things didn’t work out we could be out on the street.   

Invariably, when we’d face these crossroad moments there was one vital question we would ask ourselves: “What is the worst thing that could happen to us?”  

And of course the answer was: We could lose our stuff, our income, and our position.  But what we still had was each other and God’s call on our lives. 

So without fail, every time we’d face these moments we’d both agree, “Worse-case scenario” we will just go somewhere and start a church.  That was always our back-up plan.   

In other words, we were not going to allow the possibility of failing at something to keep us from making the tough decisions. 

It wasn’t so much that we believed in ourselves but that we believed that God had really and truly called us to be in the ministry and that ultimately, if we’d be faithful, God would ensure that things worked out.

Sonja and I are now in our thirty-ninth (39th) year of ministry and so far, —through thick and thin, we’ve discovered that God really is faithful.  And I’m betting the ranch that He will continue to do so to the very end. 

I believe the same for you. 

If you are absolutely convinced the God of the Bible exists, if you are absolutely convinced that He has adopted you into his family—through the atonement provide by Jesus Christ, and if you are absolutely convinced that He has a plan for your life, then, come hell or high waters, you (yes, you) are going to move forward.  Life is going to progress.  By His grace, you are going to navigate through every test, trial, and hardship.  Life will go on and you will finish the course God has set before you. 

So be of good courage; run to win; and when you stumble and fall–get up and get back in the race.  You set-back is God’s set-up for getting you to the next level.  



3 thoughts on “When Sonja and I almost became Church Planters

    1. Brenda, you belong to God, He loves you, and He will guide you. Remember, the goal is not to “get it right” the ultimate goal is to simply stay as close to God as you can; He will get right and thus you will be all right. Blessings, dlk


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