100 Days and counting!!!

You should always have a very short list of a few things that get your time and attention every day.

Over the next 100-days, Easter must be one of them (As of January 6, 2017, Easter is 100-days away.)

There are at least two reasons for this:

  1. Easter is the High Holy Day of the Christian faith.

While taking nothing away from Christmas, every human leader of every religion was born (some even claim a miraculous birth), only one—Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind and only one—Jesus Christ rose from the dead to validate his sacrificial death and that is what separates Christianity from every other religion and worldview that exists.  And that is what Easter is about.

  1. Easter is one of the two top ways to attract new members to your church.

I have discovered from personal experience and from my studies that the majority of the people who join your church will be attracted to your church through two events: Your Easter and Christmas events.

This was humbling but very helpful in my years as a pastor.  Every time we welcomed a new membership class into the church, without exception the vast majority of them had their first exposure to our church through the Easter or Christmas events that we had.  (Not my preaching, or the great staff and programs we had.)

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that while other events can be helpful, they are not on the same par as Easter and Christmas.  They are very limited in their long-term retention rate.

People will pop in for your Friend Days (whatever the variety or name) and your “feed ‘em and they’ll come” days but they are usually motivated for the wrong reasons and thus are not as apt to really become committed members and Christ-followers.

But people who show up for Christmas and, especially Easter, are motivated, at least partly by their faith or faith-search.

Bottom line, you’ve got to be prepared.  As a Christian leader, you’ve got to be prepared personally (extremely prepared; Easter must be your personal high holy day), and you’ve got to have your church prepared to the point of a fevered pitch 100 days from now.  It is the only worthy response to what God did in Christ for a doomed and dying world.  Anything less would be a gross insult against the King of Glory.

So dear friend, as I stated at the beginning, you ought to always have a very short list (two, maybe three things) that gets a little bit of your time and attention every day.  Over the next 100-days, I suggest you make your upcoming Easter season one of those.  A lot’s riding on it.

(Note: As you can tell, this was written to Christian leaders.  However, I encourage all Christ-followers who read it to join in the 100-day challenge in order to prepare yourself for the High Holy Day of the Christian faith.  Make sure your pastor knows you’ll willing to volunteer and do whatever is necessary to make this year’s Easter season the most Christ-exalting season you and your church have ever experienced.)

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