My recent run-in with an Apple Inc. evangelical

  • Evangelical (generally) – someone who is a defender and promoter of their cause and beliefs and who actively seeks to win others over to their cause and beliefs.


Couple days ago I ran into a Best Buy to buy some new accessories for my new Apple phone.   

Recently it came time for me to replace my old Apple phone, and of all things, they had changed the plug-ins and none of my headphones or car jacks worked anymore.  Thus my trip to Best Buy—to buy some adaptors so all my “stuff” would work. 

I wasn’t happy about it. 

To save time I went immediately to the Apple section of the store and found an employee and explained what I needed.  In no time he had me to the section where the adaptors were.  While on our way I was complaining how Apple was always changing their products, thereby forcing the consumer (namely me) to spend extra money to buy new accessories.  In addition, I complained, “they are higher than the other companies.”   

That was when the sales rep nicely replied, “Well actually, Apple seldom makes changes in how their products connect to other devices.”  He then went on to inform me that the first change occurred after over ten years and the second was over three years ago and then he kindly explained why it made sense for the most recent change.  “And besides that,” he continued, “the prices for our accessories are all comparable to our competitors and in many cases cheaper.” 

When he said “our” I stopped blathering on about how bad Apple Inc. was and actually looked at the salesman.  It was then that I discovered that he was not a Best Buy employee at all but an official Apple Inc. rep.      

It turns out that Best Buy and Apple, Inc. have worked out a deal where, in some of their stores, Best Buy uses actual Apple employees to sell the Apple products in their stores.   

This proud-to-be-an-Apple employee (working undercover at Best Buy), went on to tell me that he had met Steve Jobs twice (the founder of Apple), owned Apple stock and was proud to represent this great company—all this happening while he explained how to get the best use out of my new accessories and also introducing himself with a big friendly smile, shaking my hand, and even inquiring about my name and who I was, etc.  (If I had not been in such a hurry I would have shown him pictures of my grandchildren and I believe he may have actually been interested.)

On my way to the check-out counter I shook my head in wonder.  I had just met a man who was sold on the company he worked for.  He was not just satisfied with working for the company and getting a paycheck, he wanted to defend it.  And as if that was not enough, he didn’t settle with selling me something, he also wanted to sale me on the company.   

That’s when I chuckled as it occurred to me: I have just met an “evangelical Apple Inc. employee”! 

That is also when it occurred to me that we who consider ourselves “evangelical Christians” could learn a few things from this guy.   

Here’s a check list: 

  1. How many times have we met the Founder of our faith?  Are we proud of this fact and eager to let others know?
  2. Do we know enough about our Founder and faith to defend them when people around us make inaccurate and outrageous claims about them?  Do we even care enough to speak up?
  3. Do we know enough about our world to defend our Founder and Faith in a winning way that will at least make them think less negatively (and maybe even positively) about Christianity and maybe even cause them to check it out?

 All I know is that that Apple Inc. employee made me realize I needed to up my game. 

  • The ONE THING for today: In your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect… (1 Peter 3:15, NIV)


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4 thoughts on “My recent run-in with an Apple Inc. evangelical

  1. Love that. I could just picture you Pastor Kemp and that Apple man. He really had all his ducks in a row and so should we. You are so right about that.


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