A commercial break


Sonja and I are on our annual “rambling vacation” and have eventually made our way to Branson, MO.

If I had to name one highlight as the “best” it would have been our viewing of Sight & Sound’s production of Moses. I have had friends who have trumpeted how great the Sight & Sound productions are for years.  (They mostly viewed them in Lancaster, PA).  I wish I had listened—I was blown away by the quality of the production; it was a very moving experience.

As you know, I’m not one to give a lot of “commercials” trying to sell you something but I thought these guys deserved a shout-out.

So there you have it. If you ever have a chance to see one of the Sight & Sound productions, go for it!

Keep us in your prayers; we will be winding our way back toward Mauldin this afternoon, hoping to arrive Saturday or Sunday.




2 thoughts on “A commercial break

  1. I live in the Southern Tier of NY State – Vestal, NY. Have been to Sight and Sound to see Daniel, Noah, and Moses. Noah was ver y impressive with all the animals. Our church, Binghamton First Assembly of God has a bus trip planned for July 7th to see Sampson. You are right – it is worth the trip.

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    1. Hey Betty, great to hear from you. You probably know this, but there is a Sight and Sound presentation in Lancaster, PA which is probably closer for you.

      I pray you and your church family have a great time on your trip!

      Blessings, dlk 🙂


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