Every retreat does not have to be a spiritual retreat and every retreat does not have to be a defeat.

There should be in most every day and week of your life a little “retreat time” where you “treat” yourself; where you allow your soul to catch up with the fast pace of life and where you allow your mind and body to rest, repair and be restored.

The-One-Thing-200x300Bottom line, you are responsible for your own well-being and that means there must be intentional times when you retreat from the fight for a season so you can better fight the good fight another day.

Everyone agrees that you should have free time, days off, and vacations, they just don’t want you to take that time when they want you.

But remember, there is huge difference between a want and a need.  If the man who had been attacked by robbers had said to the Good Samaritan, “No, I don’t want you to help me, I want the priest to help me,” then you would have known that the man just had a want not a need.  If someone has a need, anybody will do—included a Samaritan and including someone besides you.

You are not the savior of the world. You are not a 24/7 “Mr./Mrs. Fix-it”.  But you are you and you are the one most qualified to take care of you—and sometimes that requires a little retreat from the pressures and stresses of life.

  • The ONE THING for today: The only battle you really have to win is the last one; it’s OK to retreat from some of the other battles for a while.

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