What you said; what they heard.

Remember, every time you make a statement people are running that statement through a filter that asks, “How does this affect or apply to me?”

Your motives can be pure and your goals well-intentioned but if you can’t communicate to people why what you said will make their life better you will never get true buy-in.

  • The ONE THING for today: If people can’t hear in your words why they matter to you, then what you say will not matter to them.


John 13:1 (NKJV)

He loved them to the end.

2 thoughts on “What you said; what they heard.

  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    This one really hit home with me.

    Approximately 25 years ago I was finding it difficult to witness to and conduct an effective Bible study at a female drug rescue facility. My wife was on the board. I told her that I wanted out and did not feel that is when God wanted me. Problem was that was not where I wanted to be. I shared with my wife that I did not enjoy being around the ladies and that they “stunk”. I was not able to hug them. My wife in her stern kind way told me, “Pete, if you don’t love them, you can’t hug them.” The ladies could feel that. God touched my heart and I overcame the issue of “stunk” and focused on “love”. Things changed. Little did I know that was where 25 years later our ministry would be focused.

    Trust Brother Kemp is well, and I do so appreciate your words. It is interesting also to realize that I react the same way those ladies reacted. You got to feel the hug and know that you are loved.



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