Put yourself in the story.

As you start another week put yourself in the story.

You may not be the main character and you may not be writing the story, but at least put yourself in the story. God didn’t put you on this planet to be a “sport’s fan” sitting in the stands watching other people live an exciting and meaningful life.

(If you’re pardon my “French”), God gave you only one butt but he gave you two legs and two feet—you should be doing twice as much walking as you do sitting.

They don’t give out passivity awards; they only give out achievement awards.

Put yourself in the story that is being written around you every day. Get out of the house, get up, and get going. Show up, stand up, and speak up. Be a part of the history of this moment.  Find a way to get involved. You are a person of value (Jesus died for you) and therefore you have something of value to offer.


Of course everyone will not appreciate this new you, but do you really want the approval of people that only want you to “stay in your place” and only call on you when you can do something to help advance their dreams and desires?

  • The ONE THING for today: You’ve been reading other people’s stories long enough this is the week you start putting yourself in the story.

1 Kings 7:3 (NKJV)

“Why are we sitting here until we die?”


One thought on “Put yourself in the story.

  1. as ever, we’re on a similar wave length. regarding something we’ve been waiting on other people to help us do, i told donnie just this weekend that we need to write our own story by going another route that allows us to do it ourselves. it’s great advice!

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