The most important thing you can do as a preacher or teacher.

As a preacher or teacher, if you can only do one things for those you serve, prepare yourself this week to present the best message or lesson you possibly can.

There are dozens of different things you could do but  being prepared when you step in front of your people trumps them all.

You can be certain, unless there is a death, surgery, wedding or some other major event going on in your people’s lives, the one thing they are counting on you to do this week is be ready to give your best effort on Sunday.  Get that right and they feel you are doing your job; get that wrong and they begin to wonder why they are giving you their valuable time.

There was a time when people would say about a pastor, “He’s not that good of a preacher but he’s a great pastor.”

There was a time that people went to Sunday School because you were supposed to go; but not now.

Matter of fact, the idea of going to church and Sunday School is foreign to many (most?).

Today people are busy and if they desire to hear good preaching and teaching they have world-class preaching and teaching at their fingertips—free! (No tithing or offerings required).

Every Sunday many people weigh the advantage of driving to church and giving up their valuable time to listen to you vs. staying at home and listening to the cream of the crop of preacher via podcasts, webcasts, live streaming, television, youtube, and a dozen other venues (or listening while they drive somewhere else).

You can wish it were not so and you can complain that it is so but there is a better way: Invest the best hours you have available each week toward having a “thus says the Lord” word for your people.

Combine that with the one advantage you have over all the other preachers/teachers in the world—a relationship with your people (Hopefully a good one!) and you can have a winning combination.


James 3:1 (NKJV)

My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.











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