Those non-descript days

Non-descript days…

Truth be known, that could describe many of our days.

When asked to describe a particular day it is often hard to describe—it was just another day.

But there is a subtle difference. I call it the difference between having a “ho-hum” day and having a routine day. (We’ll look at routine days tomorrow)

“Ho-hum” days happen when we allow our lives to drift into auto-pilot. Drifting into auto-pilot means we stop dreaming and planning. It means we lose focus and just drift alone, day after day.  boredbaby

Whatever you do, don’t go there.

For the Christian, how can you have a “ho-hum” day?

For one thing, God’s creation is just screaming all around you of the wonders and miracles of God’s creative power.

For the Christian, a miracle could happen at any moment.

You may have trekked the same halls and paths for the last umpteen years but today there could be a burning bush waiting around the next turn. The next step could be the step that takes you into a brand new promise land of destiny. The next word you hear could be the voice of an angel bringing good news of great joy.

Friend, there need been no “ho-hum” days for you. God and his servants and his opportunities are all around you—perk up, focus, something good is about to happen.

What a tragedy for God’s next great deed to happen on your doorsteps and you miss it simply because you thought it was just another ho-hum day.

  • The ONE THING for today: The antidote for “ho-humness” is anticipation; anticipation that God is still at work in this world and specifically in your life.

Psalm 4:7 (NASB)

You have put gladness in my heart, more than when their grain and new wine abound.


One thought on “Those non-descript days

  1. For the last several months, I lived out those ho-hum days. I was bummed because I knew God was calling me to take some time to rest from vocational church ministry. However, I missed it. I miss preaching mostly, although I only served one year as a pastor. Now, I totally see that God has a purpose for this season and I am surrendered to growing and learning. I’m not fighting it anymore. God knows best. We just have to fight through our own personal struggles and find the joy in knowing that God may be doing a greater thing than we realize.

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