I passed a big test.

Recently I had the privilege of picking my oldest grandson, David Lee, up after school.  When I do this we always, somehow end up at Dunkin Donuts and while enjoying our treat we play “The Question Game.”

The Question Game goes like this: David Lee picks three categories and then we take turns asking each other a tough question from each category and the one who answers the most questions correctly wins.

On this particular day one of the categories he chose was “people”, so I asked the question: What person do I love the most in all the world?

David Lee thought a moment and answered, “Nana!”

Bingo, he gave the right answer.

To be honest, I breathed a little sign of relief under my breath.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am crazy about my grandchildren.  I love them with all my heart.  However, if they were to miss the fact that “Nana” (my wife, Sonja) is in a class all by herself then it would mean that I was sending them the wrong signal.

Under God, the covenant of marriage supersedes all relationships.

If you are married this must never be an issue that is in doubt.  More than children, grandchildren, friends, parents, work, hobbies, church, great charitable causes, your happiness, plans, hopes, dreams—you name it; nothing or no one must come before your spouse.

As a wise man once told me, “The best thing you can do for your children is love their mother.”

  • The ONE THING for today: For the rest of your lives together, never let there be a smidgeon of doubt that, under God, your spouse is second to no one or no thing in your life. Let him/her know and everyone else know, in word and deed, that your version of “Nana” is the most important person in all the world to you.
    • Extra credit for those who are not married: Do yourself a favor, do not get married unless you can truthfully say, the person I am about to marry is and will remain—no matter what the most important person in my life for the rest of our lives together, under God.

Genesis 2:23-24 The Voice (VOICE)

23 Adam: At last, a suitable companion, a perfect partner.  Bone from my bones. Flesh from my flesh. I will call this one “woman” as an eternal reminder that she was taken out of man.

24 Now this is the reason a man leaves his father and his mother, and is united with his wife; and the two become one flesh.

2 thoughts on “I passed a big test.

  1. This is so true. With our family consisting of four boys, their wives and ten grandchildren…sometimes the “spouse” can get lost in the midst. But my relationship with my husband is the most important and precious to me. We know that the other will be there at all times, no matter what the situation. And we always thank God for those blessings He has given us as well as for each other. Thank you for continuing the blog – I read them each morning.

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  2. Dear Pastor Kemp….a big AMEN to that. Joe comes before anyone or anything. I’d rather be with him than anyone or anything on this earth. Thank you so much for your blogs. Joe and I read them everyday and we still have you with us through them. Big hugs for you and Sonja. Have a blessed day…..Love Ann & Joe

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