The ONE THING for today

One thing you must not ignore–especially men.

You will not be able to live a truly fulfilling and successful life if things are not good at home.

Your family endures; virtually everything else in your life is only for a season.  Do not be distracted from the enduring benefits of a healthy home life by lesser things.

I mention this on a Saturday because there will be countless numbers of people who devoted themselves to others all during the workweek and then on the weekend they will do the same thing, putting other things and other people before their family.

I mention this on Father’s Day eve because we men are in particularly prone to this error.  Fellows, make being an extraordinary husband and father your number one career choice and passion.

    • The ONE THING for today: When God said it was not good for man to be alone he only had one thing in mind for filling that void—a family. Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best—be a world class family man.

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