The ONE THING for today

Take it personal

There are some things that you should take personal—results, for example.

Most people settle for doing their job, following orders, meeting the minimal standard, doing “their” part and perhaps even doing more than most.  But if the results do not turn out the way they should most people can be found in the finger-pointing and making excuses section.

But don’t let that be you… responsibility

You take responsibility.  There may be others who are more responsible and most responsible.  But you act as if you’re responsible.  Add your name as a silent partner.  In other words…

Take it personal.

  • The ONE THING for today: Take responsibility for the results.

So the kinsman-redeemer took off his sandal and handed it to Boaz.

13 Then Boaz took responsibility of Ruth…

Ruth 4:8, 13 (The Voice)

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