The ONE THING for today

Painter or artist?

Just one more thing about those painters on those cruise ships (see yesterday’s blog)…

I suppose it’s because I grew up hearing my dad reminisce about his navy days and how one of the main things sailors did while at sea was to paint and paint some more. And then when they finished that, they painted some more.

Whatever the reason, I always notice those quiet, behind-the-scenes painters working away like busy bees on the cruise ships I’ve been on.

These hard-working men are not artists they’re painters—keeping the rust at bay.

An artist takes a blank canvas and paints a picture, signs their name on the corner and it is done. A painter’s work is never done. Paint a wall, door, car, or ship and eventually, if you want to preserve what you painted, you will have to call the painter again.

As Christians, our devotional and prayer life is a lot like painting. You do not get up one morning and have this glorious experience where God says, “OK, that’s it, you’re done”, and then signs His name in the corner. No, your devotional and prayer life is like those sailors painting everyday.

You can miss a day or two of your devotional and prayer life and nothing may look amiss, but if you fail to develop a consistent habit of spending quality time with God your life is going to start showing a lot of ugly spots.

  • The ONE THING for today: Make private, behind-the-scenes “painting” (devotional & prayer) a regular part of your life—it’s the maintenance that is required to keep the rust at bay.


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